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This week's styrene butadiene market analysis and next week's market forecast (9..10)

on the 4th, PetroChina South China sales branch made a tentative offer for Jilin styrene butadiene rubber. Now, Jilin 1500 and 1502 offer 18500 yuan/ton to customers in Guangdong and Fujian, an increase of 400 yuan/ton

the market quotation of styrene butadiene rubber in Qilu Chemical City is stable. In the Qilu 1502 market, the mainstream reported RMB yuan/ton, and the transaction was slightly lower, mostly in the transaction. The mainstream price of Qilu 1712 market is 16500 yuan/ton. The oil filled rubber market is relatively active, and the market resources are slightly tight

recently, the market price trend of styrene butadiene rubber in Guangdong has been relatively stable. The mainstream quotation of Jihua 1502, a new enterprise in the regeneration industry, is 19000 yuan/ton. The operator said that after the South China company raised its price yesterday, it began to release goods to the market. This is the main reason for the high price. However, Tianjiao fell below the integer mark of 19000 today, which made the operators more cautious about the future market of styrene butadiene rubber and worried that the market share of styrene butadiene rubber would be overstocked by Tianjiao

the atmosphere of styrene butadiene rubber in East China was general this week. Although the quotation of PetroChina East China sales branch was raised, the sharp decline of natural rubber futures continued to make the market of styrene butadiene rubber in this region continue to decline. The mainstream price of rosin in the market was 18300- which indicates that it is the problem of instrument box, about 18600 yuan/ton; The price of rosin 1502, the source of Jihua in Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets, is 18500 yuan/ton. The structural characteristics of the sample notch manual broaching machine are right, and that of Qilu 1502 is about 18600 yuan/ton; The source price of Qilu and Shenhua oil filled rubber 1712 is about yuan/ton

aftermarket analysis: at present, the most favorable supporting point of the styrene butadiene rubber market is the strong price of raw butadiene. If the butadiene market continues to stay at the high price, it is expected that the decline of the styrene butadiene rubber market will be limited with the support of the manufacturer's insistence on the ex factory price

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