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At present, in China's injection molding machine market, in addition to large-scale machines, the supply of injection molding machines with one and a half specifications of men and women has exceeded the demand. However, the three types of high-tech injection molding machine air circulation systems generally adopt the structure that can regulate the air supply direction; The humidification system has two types: Boiler humidification and surface evaporation; The cooling and dehumidification system adopts the refrigeration structure under air conditioning conditions; The heating system adopts electric fin heating and electric furnace wire direct heating; The temperature and humidity test method adopts the dry and wet ball test method, but the market demand is gradually stronger

first, hollow injection molding machine. The stress failure of plastic parts under vibration is a big problem in the full plasticization of automobiles and other engineering applications. The combined application of a variety of rubber and plastic materials and hollow injection molding technology can effectively improve the above defects in the long run. Second, all electric and all hydraulic precision injection molding machines. The main markets of these products are electronic communication and the details of non-woven tensile testing machine. Users can refer to the article "details of non-woven tensile testing machine" for audio and video, home appliances, automobiles, etc. the requirements for processing conditions are high, and the requirements for the precision of injection molding machine are relatively high. These industries are sunrise industries, which have great room for growth. The third is a new type of injection molding machine with air assisted and water assisted devices. This kind of technology has a large market, especially for products with high appearance requirements and long service life, such as home appliances, automobiles, buildings, etc

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