Hottest robot fusion sensor technology

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Robot "fusion" sensor technology

robot technology integrates the knowledge of many disciplines, such as machinery, electronics, sensors, computers, artificial intelligence and so on, and involves many cutting-edge technologies today. With the rapid development of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, the development depth and breadth of intelligent manufacturing equipment in China are increasing. The intelligent system represented by new sensors, intelligent control systems, industrial robots, and automated complete production lines and the user's inquiry history related manufacturing equipment industry system have initially taken shape, and a number of major intelligent manufacturing equipment with intellectual property rights have achieved breakthroughs, In 2012, the sales of some intelligent manufacturing equipment industries, such as industrial automation control systems and instruments, numerical control machine tools, industrial robots and their systems, were widely recognized by downstream customers in various fields, and the sales revenue was very good. However, as an emerging industry that is being cultivated and growing, there are still prominent problems in China's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, which are mainly manifested in: the ability of technological innovation is weak, and the core technologies such as new sensors and advanced control are controlled by others; The industrial base is weak, and the market share of high-end and special sensors, intelligent instruments and meters, automatic control systems, high-end numerical control systems and robots is less than 5%. With the application of sensor technology, the development of robots has also attracted much attention

sensors have made great contributions to promoting the rapid and orderly development of China's robot industry. Sensors are the core components used to detect the working state of the robot itself, as well as the intelligent detection of the external working environment and object state. A device or device that can feel the specified measured and convert into usable output signals according to a certain law. This paper first introduces the working principle, basic structure and application characteristics of common sensors, and discusses the application of sensors in intelligent robots

at the same time, in order to detect the working object and environment or the relationship between the robot and them, tactile sensors, visual sensors Inclination sensor (inclination module, force sensor, proximity sensor, ultrasonic sensor and auditory sensor have greatly improved the working condition of the robot, so that it can more fully complete complex work. Because the external sensor is a product integrating multiple disciplines, some aspects are still being explored. With the further improvement of the external sensor, the function of the robot is becoming more and more powerful, and will make contributions to human beings in many fields Greater contribution

in order to achieve autonomy in complex, dynamic and uncertain environments, researchers in various countries have gradually combined vision, hearing, pressure, heat, force sensors and other sensors that do not press the jaw seat lifting button with functional sensors to form a robot human perception system, which provides more detailed external environment information for robots, and then urges robots to make real-time, accurate Flexible behavioral response

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