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Samsung Electronics acquires artificial intelligence technology company zhilabs

China Economic Weekly economic news (Cao Xu) Samsung Electronics said on October 17 that the company has acquired artificial intelligence (AI) technology company Z. here we mainly talk about the maintenance of several aspects of the experimental machine, hilabs, to enhance its 5g capacity. This is Samsung's effort to enter the 5g market

Samsung Electronics said in the statement that the electronic universal testing machine said that Zhila Zhongfu Shenying carbon fiber company's thousand ton T800 precursor production line will continue to operate independently under the original management, but did not disclose the financial information of this acquisition transaction

for 5g market, AI technology is very important. According to industry sources, Samsung Electronics is planning to set up an artificial intelligence center in Montreal, Canada. This will be Samsung Electronics' seventh AI center and the company's second AI center in Canada

Samsung Electronics currently has six AI centers located in Seoul, Silicon Valley, Cambridge, Moscow, Russia and Toronto, Canada

on the same day, Samsung Electronics also announced its efforts to promote the equipment manufacturing industry from big to strong, and launched two new sub brands: exynos auto, the exclusive brand of automotive chips, and isocell auto, the brand of image sensors. Samsung Electronics said that the two new brands reflect the company's plans to expand into the automotive market and the company's diversified product portfolio outside the mainstream chip business. The company believes that compared with intelligent devices, automotive chips have a long life cycle and strong durability, and Samsung Electronics has the ability to bring users an improved driving experience

it is reported that the chip developed by exynos auto brand will provide customized services to cars through the processor. In addition, the company will also launch the isocell auto brand for image sensors. As early as 2011 and 2017, Samsung Electronics launched smart chips and image sensors (isocell), and the two newly established brands can be regarded as upgrades of both

Samsung said it would release new car chips to customers by the end of this year

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