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Samson technology 2019 iamd · Shenzhen successful

South China can be described as one of the fastest growing regions in the country's manufacturing industry. Following the general trend of intelligent manufacturing upgrading, South China continues to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, accelerate the integration and development of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology, and take intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization

on June 26, Dongguan Samson Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Samson technology for short) participated in the three-day 2019 South China International Industrial clamp specimen chuck stress concentration effect: tensile specimen device to test system automation exhibition in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At the scene, the two business divisions of Samson technology, the equipment business division and the measurement and control system business division, exhibited the new automatic detection technology, intelligent solutions and the best measurement and control solutions at booth 2.51 of hall 2 and booth 4.91 of hall 4 respectively, and shared the latest scientific research achievements such as visual detection technology, excitation measurement technology, confocal light detection technology

the booths of the equipment division and the measurement and control system division attracted many visitors to stop. Our innovation team patiently explained and introduced the functional features of products with high-quality service attitude and professional theoretical knowledge depth of no less than 30cm in the face of customer problems

the measurement and control system business department mainly displays three detection systems, namely, the visual detection system demonstration platform, the laser detection system demonstration platform, the spectral confocal detection system demonstration platform, and the middle frame automatic detection equipment. Relying on its own technical advantages, the measurement and control system division can formulate customized, systematic and all-round best measurement and control solutions for the different detection needs of various industries

the man-machine interactive air cushion ball demonstration platform presents the wonders of machine vision to the audience in a different way. It captures the motion trajectory of the air cushion ball at high speed and accurately, and makes a sensitive response according to data analysis. Many spectators are attracted to come to watch, heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment noise sound power level measurement - engineering method gb9068 (8) trial

high quality team and professional service attitude have won high appreciation from customers

Samson technology has been committed to using the intelligent experimental machine to meet the use requirements and solutions for many years, promoting the development of South China with its own development, and continues to maintain long-term market research, analysis and innovation, deeply tap the market potential, develop products that meet the market demand, and strive to improve the market share

through this exhibition, we will continue to deeply understand the needs of customers, gain insight into the development frontier of light application technology, and continue to develop as perfect and practical solutions as possible to meet the needs of customers, create added value for customers, and improve our competitiveness

the 2019 iamd Shenzhen exhibition came to a successful conclusion. Thank you for the support, trust and recognition of customers from afar. In the future, we will uphold professional technology to present you with the most satisfactory solution

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