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[sales contract] - International Business Contract

address:____________ Mail code: __________:____________

legal representative:____________ Title:____________ Nationality:____________

functional side of selling zigzag experimental machine:____________________________________

address:____________ Mail code: __________:____________

legal representative:____________ Title:____________ Nationality:____ Precautions for using the experimental machine________

on the principle of equality and mutual benefit, the buyer and the seller reach the terms of the agreement through negotiation, so as to jointly abide by and fully perform:

Article 1 product name, specification, price, quantity:



unit price:____________________________

total price:____________________________

total amount:____________________________

Article 2 country of origin and manufacturer:

Article 3 packaging:

1 It must be packed in strong wooden cases or cartons. It is suitable for long-distance sea/mail/air transportation and adaptation to climate change. And it has good moisture-proof and anti-seismic capacity

2. If the goods are damaged due to poor packaging or rusted due to poor protective measures, the Seller shall compensate for all losses caused thereby

3. Complete maintenance and operation instructions shall be attached to the packing box

Article 4 shipping marks:

the Seller shall mark the box number, gross weight, net weight, length, width and height on each container with fadeless paint, and write the words "moisture proof", "handle with care", "this side up" and other words and shipping: ____________

Article 5 date of shipment:____________________

Article 6 port of shipment:____________________

Article 7 port of discharge:____________________

Article 8 Insurance:____________________

after shipment, it shall be insured by the buyer

Article 9 payment conditions:

pay according to the following () conditions:

1 By L/C: the buyer shall, days before the delivery date, receive the delivery notice from the seller________ The bank shall issue an irrevocable low speed export letter of credit in favor of the seller for the same total amount as the shipment. The seller must issue a sight draft for 100% of the invoice value with shipping documents to the issuing bank. The issuing bank will pay upon receipt of the above draft and shipping documents. The L/C is valid for 15 days after the date of shipment

2. Collection:

after the goods are shipped, the Seller shall issue a sight draft, together with the shipping documents, through the bank at the seller's location and the buyer________ The bank gives it to the buyer for collection

3. Direct payment:

the buyer shall pay the seller by T/T or airmail within 7 days after receiving the seller's shipping documents

Article 10 documents:

1 Ocean Shipping:

a full set of clean Ocean Bills of lading marked "freight paid"/"Freight Prepaid", made into a blank endorsement and noted port________ Company

2. Air transportation:

a copy of the air waybill, marked "freight paid"/"Freight Prepaid", sent to the buyer

3. Airmail:

Send a copy of the airmail receipt to the buyer

4. The invoice is in quintuplicate, indicating the contract number and shipping mark. The invoice is filled out in detail according to the relevant contract

5. The packing list issued by the manufacturer is in duplicate

6. Quality and quantity guarantee issued by the manufacturer

7. Inform the buyer by telegram/letter immediately after shipment

in addition, within 10 days of shipment, the seller will airmail the above documents in two copies, one directly to the buyer and the other directly to the port of destination________ Company

Article 11 shipment:

clause B:

a. the Seller shall notify the buyer of the contract number, product name, quantity, value, case number, gross weight, packing size and the date of arrival of the goods at the port of shipment by telegram/letter 30 days before the date of shipment specified in the contract, so that the buyer can charter a ship and book shipping space

b. shipping agent of the seller________ Company ______, (telegram: _____), Be responsible for chartering and booking space

c.________ The chartering company or its port agent (or liner agent) shall notify the seller of the name of the ship, the expected date of loading, the contract number, etc. 10 days before the expected arrival of the ship at the port of shipment, so that the seller can arrange the shipment, and the seller is required to maintain close contact with the shipping agent. When it is necessary to replace the carrying vessel and the vessel arrives in advance or late, the buyer or the shipping agent shall notify the seller in time

if the ship does not arrive within 0 days after 3 days after the buyer's notice and then reacts with epichlorohydrin, the storage fee and insurance premium after the 30th day shall be borne by the buyer

d. if the carrying vessel arrives at the port of shipment on schedule and the seller's failure to prepare the goods properly affects the shipment, the dead freight and demurrage shall be borne by the seller

e. all costs and risks shall be borne by the seller before the goods cross the ship's rail and are unloaded from the hook; The buyer shall bear all costs and risks for the goods to cross the ship's rail and unload from the hook

r clause:

a. during the shipment period, the seller is responsible for transporting the goods from the port of shipment to the port of destination. Transshipment is not allowed

b. when the goods are sent by airmail/air, the Seller shall notify the buyer of the scheduled delivery date, contract number, product name, invoice amount, etc. by telegram/letter 30 days before the delivery date specified in Article 5 of this contract. When the goods are handed over for shipment, the Seller shall immediately notify the buyer of the contract number, product name, invoice amount and handing over date by telegram/letter, so that the buyer can insure in time

Article 12 shipping notice:

the goods have been fully loaded, and the seller

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