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Salesforce releases a new AI driven platform: Einstein high speed sales cloud

on April 4, salesforce, the world's first CRM company and a successful platform for smart customers [New York Stock Exchange: CRM], delivered future sales through Einstein high velocity sales cloud today. Einstein's high-speed sales cloud brings together the latest advances in industry-leading sales productivity applications and AI to promote the success of sales representatives in the digital age. Driven by salesforce trailhead, this interactive learning platform enables everyone to provide technical support for salesforce economy, which is creating sales jobs for the future

in the past decade, the rapid development of digital technology has reshaped the sales surface, and representatives spent more than six times in front of the screen. Sales participation in digital channels (such as email, chat, SMS, video conference and IP voice) is improving sales productivity and enabling representatives to connect with more customers and potential customers. And because these digital interactions can be automatically obtained in CRM, enterprises can now use the latest AI technologies, such as machine learning and natural language processing, to identify trends and recommend the best next steps to make it more efficient

sales positions account for a few percent of nearly 13 jobs in the United States today, but many salespeople do not have the necessary tools and training to succeed in the future. As a market leader in sales force automation, salesforce has always been at the forefront of the digital revolution in the industry. Today, salesforce not only democratizes AI and Einstein, but also democratizes trailhead's education, giving anyone the power to build and promote their career. In summary, these advances in technology and learning enable anyone to achieve new levels of productivity and succeed in any sales role - whether it's a new internal sales representative or a leader of an experienced large sales team

Introduction to Einstein's high-speed sales cloud

with Einstein's high-speed sales cloud, salespeople can first access all the content they need on the AI platform. The new solution of the next generation of digital salespeople, millions of salespeople at all levels have mastered their wisdom to succeed today and in the future. Now any salesperson has the ability to quickly find the best potential customers, eliminate busy work, increase channels and increase sales. In order to deliver Einstein's high-speed sales cloud, salesforce will bring together new and existing technologies, including:

Einstein's leading score uses machines and deep learning to identify potential customers who are most likely to transform. In addition to the most important information (including the location of potential customers, past procurement history and positions of potential customers), the best leads will automatically appear in the digital sales representative office, thereby accelerating the sales cycle. Do not change the

Einstein activity capture without authorization, which can reduce the need for manual data entry. Digital sales reps can simply connect their email and calendar to salesforce to automatically capture any interaction with customers and enter manual data free of charge every week. In addition, Einstein event capture includes custom email response templates and calendar managers that allow click responses and schedules, enabling delegates to spend less time on mundane tasks and more time building better relationships with potential customers

lightning sales console accelerates productivity through a single highly personalized workspace. Using the flexibility of lightning, enterprises can deeply customize the lightning sales console according to specific needs. In addition, sales representatives no longer need to switch between multiple applications. On the contrary, they guide the sales process seamlessly, enabling them to quickly find and connect the best potential customers, and track the progress of all transactions in the lightning sales console

lightning dialer connects digital sales representatives to potential customers faster through a one touch power dialer. Now, agents can click and dial directly in the lightning sales console to provide them with all valuable data and productivity tools, so as to quickly enter the next task

salesforce engage authorizes agents to connect the right leads at the right time. Digital sales representatives can get real-time notification of lead participation, such as the time of lead activity on the product station, that is, activities in the lightning sales console and salesforce1 mobile app. In addition, representatives can access key information about each potential customer, including past site activities and marketing email participation, all of which lead to a better buyer experience and faster online cash rate

salesforce app exchange provides a dynamic partner solution, application and component ecosystem for managing multiple processes, from sales acceleration solutions (such as inside sales), prediction providers (such as 6sense), cloud contact centers and providers (such as newvoicemedia and talkdesk), and sales productivity solutions (such as leveleleven) and xactly. Lightning console enables customers to select and quickly integrate the solutions that best meet their needs to significantly improve the recycling rate of plastic packaging materials, whether they are from salesforce or partners, to create the best experience for high-speed sales

salesforce trailhead: give everyone skills

trailhead is salesforce's interactive, guiding and playful learning platform. Anyone can develop skills so that they can find jobs among future employees. Trailhead is democratizing education and providing a direct way for anyone to start learning salesforce for free. Since its launch in 2014, the pioneer has obtained more than 2million badges, which is directly related to the job skills on demand. In fact, two of the top ten best jobs in the future are salesforce economy


Adam Blitzer, executive vice president and general manager of salesforce's sales and service cloud, said: the combination of digital and AI technology is completely changing the way every salesperson works. With Einstein's high-speed sales of cloud and trailhead, anyone can have the tools and education for future success

saideep R, senior director and chief cloud chief application director of Accenture "We are discussing the European market strategy AJ said: our customers are increasingly taking internal sales as a strategic part of their modern sales organization. We see that our customers strongly want to operate their sales organization on a unified platform. By integrating AI driven insight into a cloud supported platform, our customers can close transactions faster and speed up their business in the cloud first world.

s Erin Mulligan Nelson, executive vice president of unpower, said: through the cooperation with salesforce, SunPower can improve the speed of our innovation and bring high-quality solutions (such as Einstein's high-speed sales cloud function) to customers and partners. SunPower is revolutionizing how homeowners buy solar energy, an intuitive, user-friendly digital experience, and working with like-minded companies

Mike Katz, senior vice president of T-Mobile @work, said: T-Mobile is redefining the rules of wireless business and starting with an awesome customer experience. Salesforce helps us simplify our business and free up valuable time that our team can spend most importantly with our customers

gerry Murray, director of marketing and sales technology research at IDC, said: today, successful sales strategies are driven by the company's ability to embrace and successfully use digital technology. By combining AI with Einstein's high-speed sales cloud, the sales team will have a deeper understanding and higher efficiency

pricing and availability

Einstein leading score and Einstein activity capture today, you can usually use any sales cloud Einstein license. Selling cloud Einstein, each user can get $50 per month, and any sales of cloud enterprise license and above

the lightning sales console is available in an open beta today, and it is expected to be general in June 2017. Any sales cloud license

lightning dialers are generally available in the United States and Canada today. Lightning dialer outbound users pay $45 per month, and lightning dialer inbound users pay an additional $5 per month

salesforce engage is usually available today, so every user can use any version of salesforce pardot every month

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