Maintenance of the hottest excavator under bad wor

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Maintenance of excavator under bad working conditions

working under bad conditions, the excavator can better meet the requirements of metal low-temperature Charpy impact test method, and pay attention to daily maintenance, so as to keep the excavator in good working condition. If you don't pay attention to the maintenance of the excavator under bad working conditions, it may greatly shorten the normal life of the excavator, make the excavator enter the overhaul period earlier, and bring unnecessary losses to the owner of the excavator

if the excavator works in muddy water, water, rain and snow, be sure to clean the excavator and lubricate all nodes of the excavator's working device after completing the operation. Pay attention to check whether there is looseness and damage. If found, deal with it in time

some excavators work at the seaside, while others work in the sea. In this case, after the excavator is finished, be sure to wash the parts of the excavator that have been in contact with salt water with clean water, and pay more attention to whether the electrical parts are rusted. After cleaning, protect the exposed metal with oil conditionally, then lubricate the working devices and components of the excavator, and check whether the components are loose and damaged. If found, it must be handled in time. If you don't pay attention to the maintenance work of the excavator working at the seaside, the metal of the excavator may rust, which will greatly affect the working state of the excavator. At the same time,

there are many excavators working in the field, and there is a lot of dust on the construction site. In this case, the air filter element of the excavator should be replaced earlier than under normal circumstances. In order to ensure the normal operation of the engine. When there is a lot of dust, the radiator of the excavator will easily accumulate dust and affect the heat dissipation effect. Therefore, clean the radiator of the excavator with clean water. Replace the diesel filter earlier. The reason is the same as above. Pay attention to cleaning the starter and generator rectifier

now there are excavators working in many mines. There are many rocks. At this time, pay attention to the chassis and four wheels of the excavator, and pay attention to whether they are loose or damaged. Check the tension of the track. It is better to loosen the tension when it is on flat ground. Working on the mountain, the working device of the excavator will be damaged faster. Pay attention to the use of reinforced excavators, and provide training devices in our training center or your foreman, and timely (3) consider the replacement of the two load application methods in the experimental process

excavators are also used in winter construction in northern China. At this time, attention should be paid to the following problems. First, high-quality cold resistant fuel oil should be used. Pay attention to the grade of oil, preferably negative No. 10 or negative No. 20 oil. Then, add antifreeze to the cooling water used by the excavator, otherwise the water tank will be frozen. Thirdly, the battery should be charged and discharged more often to prevent the electrolyte from freezing. Finally, remove the mud from the excavator chassis to prevent the excavator from being frozen on the mud

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