Maintenance of the hottest electronic balance

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Maintenance of electronic balance

1 The heart of the electronic balance - the reed of the gravity electromagnetic sensor (usually six to eight pieces in total) is thin and thin, which ensures that the two actions are intact and easy to be damaged. The higher the accuracy of the balance, the thinner the gravity sensing reed. Therefore, special attention should be paid to protect it in use. Do not load objects whose weight exceeds its weighing range on the balance, and never press the weighing plate by hand or drop the balance to the ground, In order to avoid damaging the balance or changing the performance of the gravity sensor, in addition, the weighing of an object (especially a heavier object) generally does not exceed 30 seconds, and the weighing plate and its tray should be removed during general movement and transportation

2. In fact, the electronic balance is an instrument for measuring the gravity of objects on the Pu course material, which is developed on the basis of the Pu course material. Due to the difference of the earth's diameter and latitude, the gravitational acceleration (G ~ 9. 8m2/s) of various places is different. In the place of use, its weighing accuracy depends on whether the correct correction is carried out and the accuracy of the correction weight, If you find that the balance calibrated in Guangzhou has a certain error in local weighing, it does not mean that there is any fault in the balance. Please correct it with the standard weight approved by the Metrology Department according to the method introduced in the manual of each model of electronic balance, and then you can weigh accurately

3. The calibration mechanism of electronic balance is generally divided into three categories: fully automatic calibration, including standard weights and motor servo mechanism, which can be completed within tens of seconds by pressing a function key. Generally, the new electronic balance with an accuracy of more than one tenth of a gram adopts a fully automatic calibration mechanism; Semi automatic calibration: there is a standard weight inside but there is no servo mechanism. After entering the calibration program, the calibration weight needs to be loaded and unloaded manually; Manual calibration: there is no standard weight and servo mechanism in the balance, so it is necessary to manually enter the calibration program and add standard weight for calibration. Generally, the balance with low accuracy adopts manual calibration

4. Electronic balance is a precision electronic measuring instrument that is highly sensitive to the environment. You should be careful when using it. The following describes the installation of hydraulic materials. This type of machine is the preferred experimental machine for plastic mechanical property inspection. What are the precautions in the handling process? The table top should be free of obvious vibration and should not be placed at the air conditioning port. If these conditions cannot be met, some improvement measures should be taken, such as changing the place of use, installing a windscreen, etc. at the same time, pay attention to adjusting the bottom corner screw to center the bubble of the horizontal indicator. One of the reasons for weighing error is that the balance is not adjusted properly

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