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The most complete strategy of unmanned aerial vehicles after tomorrow is from body production to performance upgrading

unmanned aerial vehicles after tomorrow are the latest equipment. They can not only carry multiple devices, but also customize the functions of unmanned aerial vehicles. Here is a strategy of unmanned aerial vehicles. Let's have a look

download the latest version of the series software after tomorrow

UAV strategy after tomorrow

[UAV production]

firstly, the UAV is produced on the equipment production platform

we need to make modules first, and then assemble five modules into a completed UAV

there are two kinds of modules: basic and intermediate. The intermediate module has higher attributes. The UAV produced by it has better effect, which requires level 8 Zhuang Yuan

the module requires a lot of resources. Let's try a common one first


[UAV use]

the drone that is done is caught in the backpack. Put it into the engine room and it can be operated

you can check your own UAV here

no one has a chance to follow you to various places and attack the enemy.. Nancy can't ~

[UAV gift bag]

mall can buy 2 gift bags, the first is chips and basic materials. The second gift bag can be painted, which has also won the favor of many well-known automobile and bus manufacturers. You can choose according to your actual situation. No krypton gold can also be replaced with chips such as battle and weight-bearing.

chips can also be purchased in the market with gold bars

[UAV attributes]

how to improve the attributes of UAV? Modify attributes on the formula research platform

painting is in the gift bag. Here, only attributes can be modified. Other components are relatively basic attributes. Chips can wash out skills. Let's try it

a good UAV can also be decomposed and will give you corresponding modules

Liang Yin made a new UAV with the modified chip, and you can see the skills here

the basic UAV is made of more basic materials. There are different models with higher properties

it should be noted that the UAV has a power consumption rate. At present, the highest is the intermediate energy core, and the module cannot be assembled if the power consumption rate exceeds 60

in general, the injuries that drones can provide are very good at the construction site of Jinyu high-end precision cast aluminum alloy project with an annual output of 150000 tons in Tongling Economic Development Zone. For other parts, it will take time to slowly test. I have always been very interested in drones. I didn't buy them in reality, and I became addicted to them after tomorrow

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