Maintenance of the hottest blast drying oven

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Maintenance of blast drying oven

blast drying oven widely provides drying, baking, wax melting, sterilization and other functions for industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, scientific research institutions, etc. Microcomputer intelligent binocular temperature control system has temperature control protection, accurate and reliable. The working temperature is set arbitrarily, and has the function of deviation alarm. The air inlet can be opened and closed freely, and the hot air can circulate freely. Because the equipment is in the state of high temperature and constant temperature for a long time, there are many machines for air drying for you to choose from! The box needs proper maintenance

I Do not put inflammables in the drying box without explosion-proof device

II Pay attention to whether the power supply voltage used is consistent before use. When in use, the grounding wire of the power socket must be grounded according to the regulations

III After each use of the blast drying oven, the power supply must be cut off and the oven must be kept constantly to make the whole experimental process more smooth and clean. After cleaning, replace the transformer or rewind the transformer; Hang corresponding signs

IV When placing the main machine electricity in the box, it is necessary to rotate the items and not to squeeze them too much. A space for natural convection of air must be reserved so that the moist air can escape quickly on the wind roof

v. regularly check whether the silver contact of the temperature regulator is hairy or uneven. If so, use the contact after sanding it with a spinning cloth, and often wipe it with a cleaning cloth to make it contact well (note that the power supply must be cut off). The metal pipes of the indoor temperature regulator should not be impacted to avoid affecting the sensitivity

VI When the blast drying oven is powered on, do not touch the electrical part of the left space of the oven by hand or wipe it with a wet cloth and flush it with water. The power supply should be cut off during maintenance

VII The power cord shall not be wound on metal objects or set in high temperature or wet places to prevent rubber aging and electric leakage

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