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Maintenance of excavators

the purpose of regular maintenance of excavators is to reduce machine failures and prolong the service life of machines; Reduce the downtime of the machine; Improve work efficiency and reduce operation cost

as long as fuel, lubricating oil, water and air are well managed, 70% of failures can be reduced. In fact, about 70% of failures are caused by poor management

1. Fuel management

diesel of different brands should be selected according to different ambient temperatures (see Table 1 for pairs); Diesel oil cannot be mixed with impurities, ash and water, otherwise the fuel pump will wear out prematurely; The high content of paraffin and sulfur in inferior fuel will damage the engine; After daily operation, the fuel tank should be filled with fuel to prevent water droplets on the inner wall of the tank; Open the drain valve at the bottom of the fuel tank to drain water before daily operation; After the engine runs out of fuel or the filter element is replaced, the air in the pipeline must be exhausted

minimum ambient temperature 0 ℃ - registered capital of 50million yuan 10 ℃ -20 ℃ -30 ℃ diesel brand 0 10 20 35 ; Oils of different brands and grades cannot be mixed; Different kinds of excavator oils have different chemical or physical additives added in the production process; Ensure that the oil is clean and prevent sundries (water, dust, particles, etc.) from mixing; The oil grade shall be selected according to the ambient temperature and purpose. If the ambient temperature is high, the oil with high viscosity should be selected, and if the ambient temperature is low, the oil with low viscosity should be selected; The viscosity of gear oil is relatively large to adapt to large transmission loads, and the viscosity of hydraulic oil is relatively small to reduce liquid flow resistance

Table 2 selection of excavator oil

container external temperature ℃ oil type replacement cycle h replacement quantity l engine oil pan - CD SAE 5W-30 250 24 - CD SAE 10W - CD SAE 10W-30 - CD SAE 15w-40 CD SAE 30 rotary mechanism box - CD SAE 301000 5.5 shock absorber housing CD SAE 306.8 hydraulic oil tank CD SAE 10W 5000 PC200 type: 239

pc220 type: 246 C power supply and Signal lines are often integrated in the same 1 connector D SAE 10W-30 CD SAE 15w-40 final drive CD sae90 1000 5.4

3. Lubricating grease management

using lubricating oil (grease) can reduce the wear of moving surfaces and prevent noise. When the grease is stored, it shall not be mixed with dust, sand, water and other impurities; It is recommended to use lithium grease G2-L1, which has good resistance to parallel polishing and grinding and is suitable for heavy-duty working conditions; When filling, try to squeeze out all the old oil and wipe it clean to prevent sand adhesion

4. Maintenance of filter element

the filter element plays the role of filtering impurities in the oil or gas circuit, preventing them from invading the system and causing faults; All kinds of filter elements should be replaced regularly according to the requirements of the operation guarantee manual that China can develop, research and maintain graphene reinforced high-end engineering plastics; When replacing the filter element, check whether there is metal attached to the old filter element. If there are metal particles, timely diagnose and take improvement measures; Use the pure filter element that meets the requirements of the machine. The filtering capacity of fake and inferior filter elements is poor, and the surface and material quality of its filter layer do not meet the requirements, which will seriously affect the normal use of the machine

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