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Maintenance of CNC machine tools lubrication, maintenance, rational use and standardized shift system are the main contents of CNC machine tool management. The technical and professional quality of CNC machine tool operators and the quality of lubrication are important factors that affect the frequency of failure

NC operators are trained to systematically learn the principle, performance, lubrication parts and methods of machine tools, which lays a foundation for better use of machine tools. At the same time, we should formulate a series of practical and effective measures in the use and management of CNC machine tools. Make it clear to the operator himself and directly link it with economic interests. For each accident, the director in charge of equipment shall organize equipment personnel, maintenance personnel, technical backbones, etc. to analyze the accident, determine the main and non main parties, and arrange the aftermath maintenance work to ensure that the normal production progress is not affected. Criticize and educate people, and impose certain economic penalties according to the claim method for abnormal damage to the means of production in the factory. Of course, economic punishment is not the purpose, but mainly to arouse the party's high attention to the accident and not make the same mistake again. Accidents or operational errors are not terrible. The key is how to learn from failures

test its tensile, tearing, peeling, compression, zigzag, shear resistance, 3-point bending resistance, 4-point bending resistance and other materials. Physical tests emphasize the shift handover procedures. Let's first understand that the daily maintenance of the equipment is another important content of the management of CNC machine tools. The operator is required to check the shift record before working every day, and then check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon, observe whether the automatic lubrication oil tank of the equipment is in oil loss, and then manually add oil for several times. Under normal circumstances, after a few seconds, the guide rail of the machine tool should have lubricating oil flowing out, and then manually inject oil into the oil holes of other parts and accessories of the machine tool, especially the piston parts connected with the pull rod at the center of the hydraulic chuck. If they are not used for a long time and do not be maintained, it is likely that the clamping stroke can no longer be adjusted. It is easy to accumulate some iron filings in the tool table parts, threaded holes and water holes, which will stick together in only a few days. It is quite troublesome to clean up. These things are easy to oxidize and corrode when mixed with cutting fluid. If you clean up these sundries every day, you will save a lot of trouble. In particular, the tool table of the equipment is lifted when rotating, and then reversely clamped and fell after it is in place. It is easiest to get the iron filings that are not cleaned in time, causing the tool table to be unable to clamp or the tool table is not in the right position, and the equipment with alarm feedback function will alarm. However, various control modes can be switched smoothly at will in the experimental process, and a considerable number of numerical control equipment do not have this function. Even if the cutter table is not in place, the workpiece will still be processed according to the instruction program. The light one will cause the workpiece to be scrapped, and the heavy one will hit the workpiece or chuck

I. the hydraulic tailstock of ck3263 is grind dead

1 reason. Poor maintenance and lubrication of operators; The seal of the tailstock end cover is not good, and the cast iron filings and cutting fluid are introduced, which makes the sleeve rusted; The tailstock has not been used for a long time

2.。 The operator's maintenance and lubrication of the equipment tailboard are poor

3. handle. When dealing with this accident, the operator should be criticized and educated to learn equipment maintenance knowledge; Give operators certain economic punishment; The announcement of the list is a warning for other operators

4. Preventive measures. For accessories without automatic lubrication device on the numerical control equipment, ensure that they are lubricated manually every day, check their sealing devices, and take some special measures to avoid the entry of iron filings and cutting fluid. When it is not used for a long time, it should be moved regularly and lubricated well

II. The improvement of automatic lubrication and environmental stress cracking resistance of fanuc-ote-a2 CNC lathe disappears

1 reason. The diverter valve failure in the automatic lubrication system of CNC lathe caused that the guide rail could not be lubricated automatically. Because it was found in time, the guide rail was lubricated manually temporarily, which did not cause serious consequences. After the oil tank of the automatic lubrication pump is filled with oil, it can be used for about a week. The cutting fluid used in the work is sprayed on the guide rail, which makes it difficult to distinguish whether the guide rail is fully lubricated. In this way, once the automatic lubrication fails, it is likely to cause a long time of dry grinding of the guide rail

2. measures. Check carefully during startup and operation. In addition, for CK7815, FANUC-OTD and ote-a2 equipment, the tailstock can slide back and forth on an inclined guide rail, and the distance between the tailstock and the spindle can be adjusted according to the length of the processed parts. The operator only pays attention to the lubrication of the tailstock itself and ignores the cleaning and lubrication of the guide rail where the tailstock is located. Over time, dirt is squeezed between the tailstock and the guide rail, which not only makes it difficult to move, but also makes the center of the tailstock seriously deviate from the centerline of the main shaft. Light ones cause large machining errors, and heavy ones cause tailstock and spindle failures. To sum up, the management, maintenance and lubrication of equipment are directly related to the vital interests of operators and the production progress of the factory. Therefore, the management of CNC machine tools should start with small things. The operator should take care of the equipment carefully, so that he can get rich returns

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