Maintenance of the hottest automatic baozi machine

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Maintenance of automatic steamed stuffed bun machine

now, making steamed stuffed buns in the steamed stuffed bun store is no longer done manually. The emergence of the steamed stuffed bun machine has brought great convenience to the steamed stuffed bun store, but it should be noted that when using the steamed stuffed bun machine to make steamed stuffed buns, the maintenance of the steamed stuffed bun machine is also very important, which is not only related to the quality of the steamed stuffed buns, but also of great benefit to the service life of the steamed stuffed bun machine

1. The machine should be operated, maintained and cleaned by special personnel

2. After the work is finished, clean the detachable parts of the surface feeding system, filling feeding system and molding block. Do not use hard objects to smash and hit in the process of disassembly and cleaning. Be sure to handle with care

3. Steel brushes and hard objects must not be used for cleaning the formed blocks

4. After cleaning the molding blocks, place them in order, add a little edible oil or edible grease to the molding blocks, and add some edible oil to the transmission parts at the same time

5. Installation sequence of forming blocks: there are 9 forming blocks in total, three with holes and six without holes. The installation sequence is to take a linear rotating combination friction and wear tester with holes to install and position, then put two without holes, and then put one with holes, and install them in sequence. After installation, find a small hole under the machine, insert the random manual rocker, and shake it to feel the tightness. If it is too tight, the forming block is not installed properly, so it should be reinstalled until the tightness is appropriate

Bad. So we should pay attention to the maintenance of baozi machine

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