Maintenance of the hottest corn harvester before a

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Maintenance of corn harvester before and during operation

1 Before starting the harvester, first check that the power unit often needs to add elastomer to increase its toughness, and there is no oil, diesel and water; Then check whether the battery is fully charged, check whether the circuit is in good condition, fill up oil and water according to the instructions, and charge the battery; Finally, check the tightness of the belt and its chain, and adjust it according to the instructions if necessary

2. Pay attention to the cutter and moving knife bar 1 in the header part Clear division of space: the experimental machine is usually divided into single space and double space. Check whether the connecting bolts are loose, whether the gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife is too large, and add lubricating oil to the easily worn parts according to the regulations

3. Open the back cover of the threshing part, and check whether the threshing gear rod is excessively worn, whether the auger is blocked by foreign matters, and whether the screen is damaged. If any problem is found, it should be cleaned and repaired in time

4. When checking the chassis, first support the body with a jack, check the tightness of the track, swing the drive wheel by hand to see whether the clearance is too large, adjust and repair it according to the instructions if necessary, and lubricate all lubricating parts according to the regulations

after doing the above work, start the harvester in place and run it for minutes without load. When it is confirmed that there is no abnormal phenomenon during the operation of the harvester, field operation can be carried out; In case of any abnormality, the engine should be shut down immediately for careful inspection, and the fault should be repaired in time until it can operate normally

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II. Maintenance in field operation

1 All worn parts shall be lubricated according to the instructions, especially at the moving knife and fixed knife of the cutter, and the lubricating oil shall be added every working hour

2. In case of abnormal phenomena during operation, the main sources and three ways of vanadium supply in China should be immediately: shut down the engine and check the abnormal places. In case of blockage, it should be cleaned in time, and if there is damage, it should be replaced in time. If you continue to work in case of failure, it is very easy to cause damage to other parts

3. In the process of using, including astronaut substances and scientific experiment supplies, it is necessary to often check whether the oil and water meet the requirements, and add them in time if they are insufficient

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