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Guan Xuan! J-20 new coating camouflage coating appears in Zhuhai or is the official announcement of the final version of

! On November 13, 2018, the Chinese air force officially announced that the j-20 will participate in the 2018 China Zhuhai Air Show with a new air superiority camouflage coating formation! This camouflage is one of at least two camouflages that have appeared in the j-20 fighter at present. It is speculated that it has become the only camouflage choice when the j-20 is in batch service

first, the camouflage scheme shown by the j-20 in Zhuhai, or the announcement of the spokesman of the Chinese air force for the final version of

, is likely to confirm that the air superiority camouflage adopted by the four j-20 "king of Zhuhai" recently has been officially selected

in many photos of the scene, this gray smooth stain camouflage with different lightness and darkness is clearly shown. The large picture below clearly shows the relevant camouflage patterns on the upper surface of the j-20, which is very different from the "Swedish camouflage" of the j-20 that once appeared, Chinese paint

2018 Zhuhai Air Show J-10, author Aero_ Jack_ Li

the so-called "Swedish camouflage" of the j-20 has been exposed with a high profile together with the smooth pattern camouflage used in the j-20 at the Zhuhai Air Show

in the following famous publicity photo of the Chinese air force, the j-16 multi-purpose fighter and three j-20 fighter planes are usually unveiled. One j-20 used a special "Swedish camouflage"

II. The j-20 "Swedish geometric camouflage" was defeated

the following picture, sorted out by the author air force world Gatlin, clearly shows the difference between the two j-20 camouflages shown in the above figure

it can be seen that the above j-20 uses "Swedish camouflage", which is called Swedish camouflage, just because the most famous user of this polygonal irregular polygon camouflage, also known as "geometric camouflage", is the Swedish army and navy. Swedish officers and soldiers' camouflage clothes (M90 camouflage series) and ship shells all use this straight line "geometric camouflage", which is rarely seen in the armies of other countries

the j-20 below used the smooth mottled camouflage that appeared in the Zhuhai Air Show

obviously, the difference between the two is quite obvious, but no matter which one is selected, its technical principle is still completely the same: by destroying its own inherent visual perception, including color, contour, contrast, etc., to reduce the probability of enemy optical observation and discovery

the following figure is another picture of j-20 smooth stain camouflage. Due to the relationship between light and brightness processing, the stain is more obvious

III. The successful camouflage scheme of the j-20 also has significant changes. It is worth noting that this earlier photo above confirms that the smooth speckle camouflage of the j-20 has also undergone great changes

the specific painting scheme has changed significantly. The author of the air force world Gatlin has sorted out the following comparison diagram to show you the differences in the pattern:

it can be inferred that after a period of optical detection testing, the smooth speckle camouflage of the Chinese air force j-20 has been further modified. The specific design of camouflage pattern, especially the relative relationship with the inherent optical characteristics such as the fighter's own contour, can not be decided at will, but needs to be carefully verified and adjusted according to the specific situation

Weilong bright sword Zhuhai! The Chinese air force j-20 fighter formation training warmed up for the air show

the Chinese air force j-20 fighter suddenly appeared over Zhuhai Jinwan airport on the afternoon of March 3 for adaptability training for the air show performance. The three j-20 fighters showed low altitude field passing, vertical climb, high angle of attack roll and other flight actions. (Photography: the door is wide)

for example, the biggest feature on the outline of the j-20 is the "double triangle" special shape of the front canard wing with the large delta wing. This contour, which rarely appears in nature, is one of its typical visual features that are easy to expose itself. How to weaken, mask and distort this contour for a page through camouflage is a complex technical problem. This camouflage change at Zhuhai Air Show shows that the research work of the j-20 air superiority camouflage has made phased changes

in fact, the author personally prefers the "Swedish camouflage", that is, the polygonal "geometric camouflage". The j-20 in the figure below is more "fashionable and cool". It is a testing instrument for developing new products, discussing the formula of rubber and verifying the amount of products. Of course, this is the author's intuitive feeling from an amateur perspective. Obviously, Chinese military researchers have given up this design and have professional and deep considerations

fourth, what is the camouflage of other Chinese fighter planes? Unfortunately, the j-16 multi-purpose fighter, also expected by the public, has made little progress in camouflage

the j-16 (above) is likely to use a new coating that is darker and more blue than the J-11 fighter, but its overall color tone is almost the same, there is almost no excessive weakening or masking of the radome coating, the huge and conspicuous machine gun flame plate, the eye-catching color block of the primary metal color, and the strong difference between the belly and the upper surface of the fuselage, which obviously lags far behind the j-20 in the level of camouflage technology

a good example of this is the typical painting of the U.S. military F-16. The light colored part in the front desalinates the contour features of the sharp nose, making it in greater contrast with the rear fuselage, creating a visual illusion that the two are independent of each other, weakening and masking the typical visual appearance features of the F-16

the new China fighter was originally painted in white or aluminum primary color, which originated from the Soviet Union, with the main purpose of reducing the damage of nuclear flash to the body. Then, in the era of j-7iii (j-7c, below), we began to try the brownish green camouflage popular in the Vietnam War in the United States on a small scale

this kind of camouflage, which is not very beneficial to air superiority operations and mainly solves the mixing of ultra-low altitude and ground background, has been gradually eliminated. Only the hypothetical enemy forces simulating enemy aircraft in the U.S. military are still using this kind of camouflage

with the use of J-10 and J-11 equipment, our army's gray air superiority camouflage has become the mainstream, which is in line with the current international popular trend of related technologies

v. does the j-20 fighter with radar stealth still need to pay attention to camouflage? The radar stealth j-20, equipped with excellent medium and long-range air-to-air missiles (thunderbolt 15, thunderbolt 21, etc.), will engage enemy aircraft outside the visual range as far as possible, which is consistent with the application idea of stealth fighters such as F-22. Then, do we still need to pay attention to and vigorously develop important composite polyurethane adhesives with mature market to verify the camouflage of visual category

in fact, during the intense development process of the j-20, it still focused on the test and verification of a variety of camouflage schemes for optical stealth, which confirmed that this link still cannot be ignored, and also confirmed the continuous improvement of the overall strength of China's fighter industry, the more comprehensive and in-depth development of the design verification process, and the huge leap in the comprehensive performance of specific fighter products

although the medium and long-range air-to-air missiles of major fighter countries in China, the United States, Russia and Europe have brought the world's fighter air combat into the era of beyond visual range, and the possibility of pilots' visual combat has been continuously reduced. However, due to the increasing number of stealth fighters, the hit probability of radar guided air-to-air missiles may be affected, so the importance of visual combat has not been significantly reduced. Therefore, the j-20 and other advanced fighters still play a key role in optical stealth

as for the next step, the Chinese air force must consider the different needs of camouflage in different regions of the vast territory and different natural environments where the length of the C919 is close to 39 meters, and consider the diversification of specific camouflage coating schemes or the "compatibility" of optimization and balance

as pointed out in the latest release of the Chinese air force, the j-20 fighter is a new generation of stealth fighter independently developed by China. It has the world's top technical level. Obviously, its final camouflage scheme brings the optical stealth ability to the world's top level

the j-20 with advanced and comprehensive performance will bring our army's comprehensive combat capability to a higher level and better safeguard national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity

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