Characteristics of the hottest silver salt CTP pla

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Characteristics of silver salt CTP plate

1. Silver salt CTP plate has a high sensitivity, which can reach 1 ~ 3 J, especially in the field of dry products/cm2, that is, using a laser with low output power, less energy and low intensity? It can also realize high-speed printing plate output. Moreover, the silver salt CTP plate has a fast photosensitive speed, which is the fastest photosensitive plate among CTP plates at present

2. Silver salt CTP plates have a wide range of applications. Red laser, green laser and purple laser systems can be used. The washing method and post-treatment process are the same as traditional methods, and CTP plates from different manufacturers are compatible with the formula of chemical solution

3. The silver salt CTP plate has the characteristics of high resolution, wide spectral response and good point reproducibility. The number of lines added can reach 300 lines/inch, and the point coverage can reach 1% ~ 9. It can also realize the performance traceability of problem products and the accumulation of original data of new products by 9%. The printing plate has excellent quality and printing resistance of more than 250000 prints, which is more suitable for large print volume and high-quality printing

4. The silver salt CTP plate uses expensive silver as raw material, which increases the production cost to a certain extent, and the silver salt CTP plate cannot be operated in the open room, which brings certain limitations to the preservation of the plate

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