Characteristics of the latest corrugated microporo

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Characteristics of the new corrugated microporous filter

with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, more and more attention is paid to the treatment of pulp and paper wastewater. In pulping and papermaking wastewater, both middle stage wastewater and paper machine white water contain more fiber and other solids. Effectively separating fiber and other solids from wastewater can not only reduce fiber loss, but also increase the recycling of treated wastewater, reduce wastewater discharge, save water, reduce the subsequent biochemical treatment load of wastewater, and reduce the cost of wastewater treatment

at present, air flotation, sedimentation and filtration are mostly used for fiber recovery from pulping and papermaking wastewater in China. Air flotation and sedimentation methods have many disadvantages, such as large equipment investment, large floor area, unstable operation, high fiber impurity content, high consumption of chemicals, high operation cost, long fiber residence time, perishable and so on. The key equipment of the filtration method is the filter. At present, the widely used multi disc filter has some disadvantages, such as large equipment investment, high manufacturing requirements, the need to raise the equipment or use a vacuum pump in order to form a vacuum water leg, high operating costs, difficult unloading, easy blockage of filtration, etc. due to the poor operation effect of domestic equipment, most of them rely on imports

the new corrugated microporous filter overcomes the shortcomings of the above equipment. It is an economical and effective wastewater filtration equipment, and has a wide application prospect in China's pulp and paper industry

characteristics of the new corrugated surface microporous filter:

the new corrugated surface microporous filter has few parts sold to the downstream. It can be used for middle stage wastewater treatment, white water recovery of paper machine and raw water purification of papermaking. It has the following significant advantages:

(1) with corrugated filter surface, the filter area is 3 ~ 5 times larger than that of flat drum surface. When the same filter area is used, the floor area is greatly reduced and the layout is flexible. It can be used for centralized treatment of wastewater, and can also be configured with a single paper machine

(2) in the form of internal filter surface, the solid collection tank can be installed in the middle of the drum, which increases the operable water level of the drum, increases the internal and external liquid level difference of the drum, increases the filtration capacity, and obtains high-purity clarified liquid

(3) adopt the form of internal filter surface, which makes it easy to unload without using scraper or roller, which greatly extends the service life of the filter. Very small filters can be installed, with a minimum eye of 20 m or even 10 m

introduction of the project investor

(4) Zheng long, President of the unique China synthetic resin supply and Marketing Association, said: "although metal materials 1 have always occupied a dominant position in the automotive industry, the gas reverse blow unloading system makes the unloading clean and reliable, and the recovered solid (or fiber) concentration is high (up to 4% ~ 6%), which is easy to handle. If the recovered material does not need a high concentration, water spray unloading can also be used.

(5) The chemical fiber heat filter is set on the removable corrugated frame, which is convenient and fast to change, omits the structure of filter plate, greatly increases the opening rate, and further increases the effective filtering area

previous (6) simple structure, low manufacturing cost and low investment; The rotating speed of the filter drum is adjustable, and it has strong adaptability to the flow and concentration changes of the treated water

(7) simple operation, low cost, no need for atmospheric water legs or vacuum pumps, low energy consumption, and only 4kw motor is required for the drive of 155m2 microfilter

(8) low speed operation (up to 2.5r/min), long service life and low maintenance cost

(9) the clarified water in the equipment can be used for self-cleaning filtration most of the time, which greatly reduces the amount of fresh water

(10) the retention time of solid (or fiber) and water in the filter is only dozens of seconds. Therefore, the deterioration of solid (or fiber) is greatly reduced, and the recycled raw materials can be effectively used

(11) except for adding a small amount of pre hanging layer or polymer in some special cases, chemicals or additives are not required to help the operation

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