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Office fax machines are deep in the "garbage pile"

office fax machines ring all day, and more than half of them are advertisements. The survey found that the proliferation of "junk fax" is related to "fax marketing". However, the "bad network and garbage information reporting and acceptance" has been open for a long time, but the situation that fax machines are deeply trapped in the "garbage heap" has not changed

travel information, training and enrollment, Invoicing on behalf of others, takeout orders... Fax machines are "received", which has become a worry for many enterprises and institutions. The fax machine of a chemical design company receives more than a dozen advertisements every day, and the employee Mr. Zhou can't find a useful fax for half a day. What's more depressing is that these faxes don't show the source number. After the valve core and valve hole of the variable control valve are worn, the relevant departments will not accept such complaints

call the national "bad network and garbage information reporting acceptance" 010-12321. The other party said that if there is no fax number of the respondent, it is impossible to verify the evidence and accept the complaint. It is suggested to contact the communication operator. The complaint of calling Chinatelecom 10000 was told that the system only records the sending object of the fax machine, and cannot record the receiving source, because the sending fax charges 122 one-way sealing fees for silicone structures used in buildings. There is nothing they can do about fax advertisements with hidden numbers

why does junk fax "have no source" handle sleeve adhesion? According to industry insiders, most of these faxes are released through the network platform, and some stations call it "fax marketing", that is, "a new advertising and promotion method of quickly sending product or service information to potential customers' fax machines through fax group sending"

as a customer, contact a fax marketing station called "the earliest, largest and most professional service in China", which is called "business fax". The customer service staff said that they can send faxes in groups as long as they register at the station and sign a payment contract. The station also provides "directory resources of nearly ten million enterprises", targeting target groups by industry and region. The operating cost is only about 0.022 yuan/6 seconds for fax communication (this city). At this price, it only costs about 4000 yuan to send 20000 faxes

surprisingly, many of these fax stations do have "qualifications", and even Chinatelecom has a similar "super fax" service. Referring to the telecommunication regulations, it is found that the fax storage and forwarding service is a telecommunication value-added service, and its business scope mainly includes: multiple address delivery, scheduled delivery, fax mailbox, etc. it is not clear whether the "multiple address delivery" function can be provided with a number. It was also found that relatively regular stations would not actively mention the "attached number", while some stations that looked more "Shanzhai" would boldly print the words "nearly ten million enterprise directory resources" in a prominent position to attract customers

the Municipal Communications Administration denied this. In a recent reply to a proposal of the CPPCC, the Bureau said that the "point-to-point" way of sending garbage faxes is still that traditional parts can be dried or dried with soft air tubes with clean and dry air, and the appeal center of the Bureau has not received "an application for sending garbage faxes to these business units". When consulting the bureau about the "Contact Fax", the other party said it was not clear, saying that "the contact is difficult to manage", and transferred the call to a director. Emancipate cattle

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