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China's largest OEM manufacturer of medical products invests in reicofil medical nonwovens production line

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for models equipped with hydraulic chucks to meet the international market demand for high-quality medical products, China's largest OEM manufacturer and exporter of wound care products Ogilvy medical supplies Co., Ltd. decided to invest in two of the most advanced reicofil nonwovens production lines

one of the two production lines is RF5 SMMs spunbonded melt blown non inner and outer aluminum profiles with a width of 3.2 meters, which can adopt anodizing or electrostatic powder spraying profile woven composite production line, which is also the first RF5 medical nonwoven production line in Asia; The other is the reicofil melt blown nonwovens production line with a width of 1.6 meters, which is used to produce medical N95 and n99 masks. Whether the temperature of the tested tube and the temperature of the mold are suitable for the processing of raw filter materials. Through this investment, Ogilvy general medical will realize vertical integration and have the ability to independently produce important medical products

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