88 Keys of Light takes a beating at London market

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88 Keys of Light takes a beating at London market | CBC News - Today News Post Today News || UK News

An upright piano that could be played by budding musicians or would play a tune with a simple push of a button has been damaged so badly in just a few days in London, the keyboard has had to be covered.s role is limited, but does includ?

“It is frustrating for sure,” said Edward Platero, co-founder of Exar Studios in London and the man behind the piano and art installation, called?88 Keys of LightThe past seven days there have been a total of 221 new reported deaths.?

Exar Studios created the extraordinary piano for a Luminosity Festival in Toronto. In better days, the piano allowed?musicians to sit down and tickle the ivories, or for?those who couldn’t playThe one-dose vaccine., push a button and a song would be belted out along with a:1622668622124,?light show.?

The piano spent 45 days on a downtown Toronto street corner where people could stop and entertain themselves or be entertained. Then?it was moved to London.?

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