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Railway investment is expected to increase in the middle of the year, and local governments are eager to help break the trillion

railway investment is expected to increase in the middle of the year, and local governments are eager to help break the trillion

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"railway investment should be more than 1trillion yuan, and the mileage of new production should be more than 10000 kilometers." On March 6, yuan benpu, deputy to the National People's Congress and chief procurator of the Guizhou Provincial People's Procuratorate, was outspoken during the group discussion. In Yuan benpu's view, the railway construction goal this year is "less"

in this year's government work report, railway construction is the largest investment, with an investment of more than 800 billion yuan in line with water conservancy investment

in fact, 8000 kilometers is the necessary mileage to complete the 12th Five Year Plan, of which 2000 kilometers of high-speed rail needs to be opened to complete the set goal, and 800 billion yuan is the minimum investment to ensure this mileage. According to China's "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of national railways, by 2015, the national railway operating mileage had reached about 120000 kilometers. By the end of last year, the national railway operating mileage had reached 112000 kilometers, including 16000 kilometers of high-speed rail

how to spend 800 billion yuan? Sheng Guangzu, general manager of China Railway Corporation, responded that if the oil pipe was broken, it was mainly spent on Railway Construction in the central and western regions

local people are eager for it

the railway is like a chicken that does not stop the golden egg to the local people, and the industry appeal of "the era of railway encryption has begun" has aroused thousands of waves in the local people

yuan benpu said that according to expert calculations, building a kilometer of Expressway covers three times the land area of the railway, and the freight rate of a ton of goods per kilometer is one quarter of that of the highway. Therefore, in order to solve the traffic problem in the future, China must build more railways and high-speed railways in order to solve the contradiction of more people and less land. Otherwise, the occupation of so much land, especially the construction of roads on cultivated land, will affect food production in the future

therefore, yuan benpu bluntly said, "I think that with less investment now, we should increase the investment by 1trillion yuan and 10000 kilometers to raise the development of high-speed rail to the national strategy."

it is not only yuanbenpu who believes that railway construction should be strengthened

On the morning of March 8, Li Weidong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and Deputy Secretary General of the government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, grabbed an opportunity to speak: "the premier mentioned in his report that 800 billion yuan of railway investment, and we hope to strengthen the construction of high-speed rail in the West." Moreover, a proposal on accelerating the construction of high-speed railway in the northwest, which was jointly proposed by more than 20 CPPCC members, was also submitted to the CPPCC National Committee

in fact, the "high-speed rail dream" covers the whole of China with the expectation of prosperity. At this year's national two sessions, many delegates and members put forward their own suggestions and proposals on railway construction

Qu Hai, deputy to the National People's Congress and mayor of Chenzhou Municipal People's Government in Hunan Province, put forward the "proposal on including Guizhou Guiyang Xingyi railway through Chenzhou in Hunan Province to Ganzhou in Jiangxi Province in the national medium and long-term railway adjustment plan and the" 13th five year plan "railway construction plan", and Wang Qun, Secretary of Changde Municipal Party committee in Hunan Province, put forward the "proposal on including the Changsha Yichang Shijiazhuang Changzhou Railway into the national" 13th five year plan "and starting construction during the" 13th five year plan ", Zhao Lisa, a deputy to the National People's Congress and director of the Standing Committee of Shaoyang Municipal People's Congress in Hunan Province, put forward "suggestions on requesting support for the inclusion of Chang GUI Hai railway and Xing Yong Chen railway in the national" 13th five year plan "railway construction plan or medium - and long-term plan" and "suggestions on requesting the opening of Baotou haikou high-speed railway passenger passage through Shaoyang urban area", all of which are related to railway expansion

Wang Mengshu, a deputy to the National People's Congress, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and a famous tunnel and underground engineering expert, said at the panel discussion: "we should complete the (high-speed rail) construction as soon as possible, that is, the routes from provincial capitals to Beijing, and we should speed up the construction."

obviously, faced with the "development cake" of high-speed rail, many places are willing to compete. Wang Mengshu expressed the motivation and aspiration of many places to pursue the "high-speed rail dream": "the role of building high-speed rail in stimulating China's economy is self-evident, and it can drive the development of thousands of factories in thousands of industries in the whole country."

not only local governments, but also a large number of entrepreneurs have also expressed their high concern about the railway through the bill. "This is also a trend for private capital to enter the railway." An insider said

high investment level

according to the suggestions of the deputies and members, the state should expand the coverage on the basis of the original "four vertical and four horizontal" high-speed rail network and increase the layout of high-speed rail in the northwest

"the transportation density of Railways and highways calculated by population is far lower than that of countries such as the United States and Japan, which is incompatible with China's population, land area and economic development. Especially in the western region, the sparse railways and low road access seriously restrict the economic development of some regions." Sheng Lei, director of the scientific research management office of the National Information Center, said

head of the drafting group of the government work report Ning Jizhe, director of the Research Office of the State Council, also said: "Investment is a neutral word, which does not mean that investment is bad. This is a misunderstanding. It depends on the aspect of investment. The more investment with a good structure, the better, and the more investment in public services, the better. So this time, it is proposed that 800 billion yuan of Railway investment and 8000 kilometers of new production will enable everyone to reach a considerable range in one day. There are restrictions in the electronics industry, and the whole logistics and people's travel are greatly convenient, which is certainly good." of In particular, most of the railway investment is invested in central and Western China, which is much worse than the eastern coastal areas, and the transportation is not very convenient. "

in the "13th five year plan and medium and long term strategic research on China's transportation modernization" newly provided by Sheng Lei to Huaxia, a private think tank, it is mentioned that in 2000, China's railway operating mileage was 69000 kilometers, and this year, it is expected to reach 120000 kilometers, an increase of nearly double. At present, the operating mileage of high-speed railway in China has reached 16000 kilometers, accounting for more than 60% of the world

"railway construction can kill many birds with one stone. It is necessary to increase investment and speed up construction, whether it is the local government's pursuit of driving regional economic development, the steady growth of the central government, or the" 12th Five Year Plan "goal of the general railway administration. The encouragement of the central high-level has once again accelerated the confidence of railway construction. The railway is now like being driven by a small whip, running all the way." A person close to the president said

in fact, with the continuous economic downturn, "tiegongji" is facing upgrading and strengthening again, and relevant departments and local governments are ready to go. The above-mentioned people close to the General Railway Administration said that the State Council has held several executive meetings specifically for railway construction since last year. Later, when the leaders of the general railway administration came back to convey the spirit of the meeting, they mentioned that the senior management attached great importance to the role of Railways in digesting excess capacity such as cement and steel at the meeting

the research report released by Anxin international last year pointed out that in the two years at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the new railway mileage should exceed 8000 kilometers, an increase of 21% year-on-year; The total investment is 1.4 trillion yuan. Now it seems that the investment has far exceeded the original prediction

railway construction is a fairly long industrial chain, which undoubtedly plays an important role in the transformation of national economic development, achieving the goal of "stable growth and structural adjustment", digesting excess capacity and resisting downside risks

however, in Wang Mengshu's view, the 800 billion fund to build 8000 kilometers of railway is extremely tight. "If it is in a flat place in the central and eastern regions, it is OK, and the ordinary speed railway is also enough, but if it is the high-speed railway in the central and western regions, the proportion of tunnels is very high, and the funds will be very tight."

however, the above-mentioned people close to the railway general manager said that there was no need to worry about the capital problem. "At the meeting of the general railway administration, it has been proposed more than once to fully complete the goal of the 12th Five Year Plan. For the general railway administration, 8000 kilometers is a hard target, and the investment is relatively flexible. If the funds are not enough, it may increase the scale of investment in the middle of the year as in the past two years, which is also the investment trend of the general railway administration in recent years."

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