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Railway container transportation industry is facing great development

railway containers will receive priority development

in the past 20 years, China's rapid economic growth, to a large extent, comes from the export-oriented port economy driven by the rapid growth of coastal economy. However, as the coastal economy becomes more mature and enters a more advanced stage of development, land and labor begin to become scarce and relatively expensive. Although these regions still have high productivity and competitiveness in the world market, the cost has increased significantly, especially the lack of land and labor and the relatively expensive anti earthquake products based on rubber have come out one after another. In addition, some new national economic incentive policies began to tilt towards inland areas such as the central and western regions and the northeast

the results of this are: first, the extension of the logistics chain of export-oriented export trade to the inland, and second, the logistics channels required by the structural differences between the domestic coastal economy and the inland economy

in this economic context, improving the multimodal transport capacity of railway companies is crucial to the further development of China's domestic market. Railway has the advantages of all-weather, large traffic volume, long haul distance and low freight rate. As an important part of the logistics chain, it plays an important and irreplaceable role in modern Bayer materials science's announcement of choosing bioamber to supply biological succinic acid logistics and international container multimodal transport system

Since the 1990s, the coastal logistics system composed of port containers and container trucks has supported the development of China's export-oriented coastal economy. However, with the extension of China's coastal economy to the inland, the economic transportation radius of container trucks will gradually be difficult to support, and the era of great development of railway containers is coming

from the perspective of economics, improving the construction of logistics system and economic development are mutually reinforcing processes. Therefore, the extension of coastal economy to inland will promote the development of railway containers; The construction of railway container logistics system will also promote the development of China's inland economy. Therefore, the construction of railway container channel has been mentioned to a strategic height in China's "Eleventh Five Year Plan" and "railway medium and long-term development plan", and the development of railway container logistics channel is urgent. Railway containers have become a priority part of China's railway development

the industry will show an accelerated growth trend

we believe that at present, China's railway containers are still in the early stage of development, and their development power comes from two aspects: 1. Under the current economic framework, with the improvement of railway infrastructure, the proportion of railway containers in the current logistics system will increase significantly. 2. With the extension of China's economy from coastal to inland, the logistics system with railway containers as the aorta will further promote the development speed of railway containers

in December 2003, China Railway re integrated the mode of container transportation previously undertaken by 14 railway bureaus, and established China Railway Container Transportation Co., Ltd., which is specially responsible for railway container transportation, forming a container transportation network covering the whole road and a standardized and unified container transportation market. According to the plan of China Railway Group, 18 container central stations will be completed with an investment of 2billion by 2008. At present, the Shanghai center station has been successfully completed and put into operation, and others have also started construction. The gradual completion of the central station will become the hub node of China's railway containers, greatly expanding the economic radiation capacity of railway containers. It is a milestone in the development of railway containers in China. We expect that the growth rate of China's railway container traffic will show an accelerated growth trend in the process of the gradual completion of 18 container central stations. The compound growth rate of railway container industry in the next five years will reach 29.5%, while the compound growth rate of special containers is expected to reach 38%

according to our understanding of the current railway container market, the current situation is that supply exceeds demand. In many railway container stations, goods are waiting for trains. Therefore, we believe that in the current situation, as long as the railway system capacity is improved and the railway container transportation system is established (the central station is completed), the supply of railway containers in China is not a problem

our core view on railway containers is that the development of the industry will show an accelerated growth trend in the coming period. At present, the development of the railway container industry is still in its initial stage and is about to enter a rapid growth period. Its current development situation is similar to the port container industry in the mid-1990s. We believe that we should recognize the important investment opportunities in this industry from a strategic perspective

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