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Introduction: the recently released report on major financial and operating data of the Ministry of Railways in the first half of 2011 shows that by the end of June this year, the Ministry of railways had total assets of 3.57 trillion yuan, total liabilities of 2.09 trillion yuan, and asset liability ratio of 58.53%. After the July 23 accident, the Ministry of Railways was pushed to the forefront of the storm. 8 ...

the recently released "report on major financial and operating data of the Ministry of Railways for the first half of 2011" shows that by the end of June this year, the total assets of the Ministry of railways were 3.57 trillion yuan, the total liabilities were 2.09 trillion yuan, and the asset liability ratio was 58.53%

after the "July 23" accident, the Ministry of Railways was pushed to the forefront

On August 10, the State Council held an executive meeting to reorganize the systematic safety assessment of railway construction projects that have been approved but have not yet started; In addition, the approval of new railway construction projects was suspended

this news indicates that the "leap forward" development mode of China's high-speed rail since 1997 has come to an end. What does this mean for Chinese construction machinery enterprises that have had "high-speed rail rice" for many years

20billion yuan pie attracts a crowd of heroes to compete for food

among the many factors that drive the growth of domestic construction machinery demand, railway construction investment can not be ignored. Among the 4trillion yuan of investment implemented from 2008 to 2010, railway investment accounted for a large share; In particular, the construction of high-speed railway has directly driven the rapid growth of earth moving machinery and piling machinery. However, in 2011, under the background of policy regulation and accelerated reform of the Ministry of railways, the investment in railway infrastructure has been decreasing since January: the investment in railway infrastructure in January was 36.4 billion yuan, an increase of 55.7% year-on-year; The investment in July was 41.235 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 26.1% and a month on month decrease of 5.4%; From January to July this year, the total investment completed was 284.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 2.5%

according to the prediction of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the total investment of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway is 220billion yuan, of which infrastructure accounts for 100billion yuan. The procurement scale of construction machinery is about 20.9 billion yuan, and the average annual procurement amount is about 4.2 billion yuan. High speed railway has a great demand for construction machinery, and presents phased characteristics. The construction machinery and equipment required are different at different stages of high-speed railway construction. According to the construction process and with the passage of time, the required construction machinery and new technology of mega companies are always described as "revolutionary". You can inquire about their peers in their industry about what brand of experimental machines they use. The varieties of special accessories are: Bulldozer and grader, rotary drilling rig, concrete machinery (three cars in one station), bridge bearings, box girder equipment, bridge erecting machine, paver, CA mortar or track slab. Specifically, there is a large demand for piling equipment such as rotary drills in the civil engineering stage; Concrete machinery and bridge erection machinery are in great demand in the bridge erection stage

take concrete machinery products as an example. As the high-speed passenger dedicated railway has special requirements for the concrete of bridge foundation, pier and precast beam, that is, it requires high-performance concrete, durability concrete, etc., and the output is large, so it requires the configuration of concrete mixing plants with large production capacity, high batching accuracy, stable and reliable performance. Due to the rapid development of high-speed railway, some construction units have a high demand for concrete. For example, the construction of Wuhan Guangzhou railway once caused a situation that concrete supply exceeded demand in the market, which drove the market of concrete machinery all the way up

The "big pie" of adopting bearings to support the

high-speed rail project at the lever fulcrum has satisfied the appetite of construction machinery enterprises, which have invested heavily and increased investment. This year, the total investment of XCMG concrete construction machinery industry base is 2billion yuan. After being put into operation, it will form an annual production capacity of concrete machinery products such as 3000 concrete pump trucks, 600 concrete Trailer pumps, 600 concrete truck mounted pumps, 150 shotcrete trucks, etc. Some enterprises that have not set foot in concrete machinery have also entered to compete for the market

the high-speed rail sector fell, and construction machinery was affected.

according to the Research Report of a well-known domestic securities firm, assuming that the existing reliance on debt financing to meet the needs of railway investment funds is maintained, it is expected that the asset liability ratio of state-owned railways will reach 72% by the end of 2015. In addition, assuming that the average debt cost is about 5%, its interest expenditure in 2015 will exceed 200billion yuan

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