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Shandong fuel oil market price continued to rise, supported by the continued support of the external market

on Friday (October 26), Shandong fuel oil market price continued to rise, supported by crude oil futures closing above $90.0 for the first time, and Singapore fuel oil benchmark price continued to soar

WTI of crude oil futures closed above $90.0 for the first time on Thursday, closing above $90.460, with an upward momentum today. The benchmark price of fuel oil in Singapore was boosted by the rise of crude oil futures, and paper goods rose rapidly to above $450.0 in November. Supported by the soaring benchmark price of fuel oil in Singapore, the market price of Shandong fuel oil continued to rise, that is, the price of Korean straight run high sulfur 180CST warehouse increased by yuan/ton, and the price of Russian M100 warehouse increased by yuan/ton, both rising by 30 yuan. Crude oil futures closed above US $90.0 for the first time. At present, ceramic matrix composites have surpassed metal heat-resistant materials in terms of high temperature resistance. The benchmark price of fuel oil in Singapore has continued to soar, supporting the continued rise of quotations in the region. The demand for refining is weak, and the overall transaction in the market is light

the price of low sulfur residue rose again, that is, yuan/ton, up 50 yuan; The price of oil slurry continues to rise, that is, yuan/ton, up 30 yuan. Diesel prices continued to soar, and coking units in refineries started at full capacity. The delivery of refinery residue is smooth in car locks, tail lights, handlebars, baskets and pedals. The ex factory quotation of Binzhou Petrochemical low sulfur residue increased by 50 yuan to 3300 yuan, and the actual transaction of coking raw materials was 3250 yuan, and the visbreaking residue was 3280 yuan. Other refineries have temporarily stabilized their prices and are expected to follow suit. In the oil slurry market, refinery oil slurry shipments are smooth. The ex factory quotation of Hengyuan petrochemical and HSBC Petrochemical increased by 3 yuan, hoping to help you

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