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Shandong heavy industry appeared at the 6th Russian innovation industry exhibition

Shandong heavy industry appeared at the 6th Russian innovation industry exhibition

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on July 8-11, as the representative of Shandong exhibition group, Shandong Star High Tech testing Equipment Co., Ltd. was established at the exhibition center in Yekaterinburg, Russia's third largest city, and Shandong heavy industry group product exhibition appeared at the 6th Russian International Innovation Industry Exhibition, The whole series of products of the group are displayed in the form of panoramic sand table

the Russian International Innovation Industry Exhibition is the largest national comprehensive industrial exhibition in Russia. It was founded in 2010. It is jointly hosted by the Russian Ministry of industry and trade and many sverdlovs manufacturers when they check that the decomposition temperature of tensile foaming agent should be about 10 ℃ higher than the activity temperature of polymer. It is held annually. In this exhibition, China enjoys the treatment of guest of honor, with the theme of "smart China", highlighting the innovation driven concept of made in China. On the morning of August 8, Vice Premier Wang Yang attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition and announced the opening of the China Pavilion, the guest of honor of the Russian Innovation Exhibition, encouraging participating Chinese enterprises to make full use of the exhibition, display their latest achievements in industrial manufacturing and scientific and technological innovation, actively exchange and interact with enterprises of various countries, including Russia, and carry out mutually beneficial cooperation

On the afternoon of August 8, at the booth of yabinsk tractor factory, a cooperative company of the group, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev met with Jiang Kui, general manager of Shandong heavy industry, and Zhang Gengsheng, assistant general manager of Weichai group, and learned about the performance advantages of the wd10 bulldozer engine on display. Medvedev nodded his head as he listened, He also wished Shandong heavy industry a smooth development in Russia

this exhibition focuses on the development achievements of scientific and technological innovation and equipment manufacturing with the theme of "smart manufacturing in China". The exhibitors are all Chinese national manufacturing teams, selected by the Ministry of Commerce of China and the China Council for the promotion of international trade, focusing on high-end manufacturing sectors such as high-speed rail, aviation, aerospace, nuclear energy, electricity, machinery, ships, satellite navigation, etc. This is the first time that the cutting-edge achievements of China's equipment manufacturing industry and innovation industry have been "going global" since the State Council issued the "made in China 2025" development plan. It not only provides an opportunity for Chinese enterprises to appreciate Russia's strong industrial foundation and excellent scientific and technological level, but also opens a window for Russian enterprises to have a close understanding of the latest achievements of China's industrial manufacturing and scientific and technological innovation in product quality improvement

Shandong heavy industry group displayed the panoramic sand table of all its end products and Weichai commercial vehicle powertrain at this exhibition. The panoramic sand table highlights the six scenes of road and bridge construction, mining, construction, residents' life, port freight transportation, maritime leisure, etc. composed of all products of Shandong heavy industry group, and truthfully shows all the products and services of the group in these scenes, which has won great praise from visitors, and many Chinese funded construction units have also come to negotiate

in recent years, Weichai has 65000 sets of engines in Russia, covering various fields such as commercial vehicles, engineering machinery, ship power, power generation equipment, etc. after nearly 8 years of efforts, Weichai has signed a strategic memorandum with kamas group, the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in Russia. The sample vehicle is in the road test stage. This year, Weichai has also formed a mass supporting relationship of bulldozer powertrain with ural carriage factory, a Russian military giant, It has laid a good foundation for realizing the national "the Belt and Road" strategy and opening up production capacity cooperation

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