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Shandong has built 18 "driver's homes"

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on August 18, the Ministry of transport and the all China Federation of trade unions held a site promotion meeting on the construction of "driver's homes" in Tai'an. It is learned that Shandong has scientifically and reasonably selected highway service areas, common national and provincial trunk highway service areas (stations), logistics channel cargo distribution centers or logistics parks for the construction of "driver's homes", and has built 18 "driver's homes" of different types and characteristics, which is the province with the most "driver's homes". As of the end of July, 26 enterprises in Shandong Province have applied for the construction of 31 pilot projects of "driver's home", and 4 have been selected into the national "brand service driver's home", gradually exploring and forming a typical demonstration and driving operation service mode

according to the meeting, Shandong is a major road freight Province, with 1.13 million operating trucks, an annual road freight volume of 3.1 billion tons, and more than 2million road cargo employees. Truck drivers are the largest group of road transportation practitioners, and their work has the characteristics of "always on the road". For a long time, due to the imperfect supporting service facilities, the majority of truck drivers can only "take the car as their home" and "accompany danger and loneliness" is a true portrayal of their lives. This brings many challenges to the implementation of effective management and services in the road transport industry

to promote the construction of "driver's home" is to effectively improve the production and living conditions of truck drivers, so that they can "drink hot water, eat hot meals, take a hot bath and have a safe sleep" on the way. The construction of "driver's home" can effectively ensure drivers' rest on the road, prevent fatigue driving, dangerous driving and other behaviors, and use this carrier to timely carry out driving skills education, safety tips and other services, which can fundamentally enhance the safe and civilized driving of truck drivers, especially the quality of the experimental temperature in the brittle transition temperature area of the tested materials, and greatly improve the safety production level of road transportation services

on this basis, the "driver's home" can also effectively extend industry management and services, and provide truck drivers with vehicle detection, license verification, identity verification, safety assistance, legal advice, etc. it is best to refer to its parameters, people-oriented services, and constantly improve industry governance capabilities and service levels. After the construction of "driver's home" has formed a certain scale, we can take advantage of its many points and convenient transportation to actively explore and carry out extended value-added services such as "driver's home", "front store and back warehouse" logistics transit distribution and urban distribution in the expressway service area, so as to promote the cost reduction and efficiency increase of the logistics industry

"in the past, I had to lie in my car and have a rest in a Rainstorm Day. Now I can spend dozens of yuan to lie in bed and have a good sleep, which eliminates fatigue and ensures transportation safety." in the "driver's home" in Tai'an service area of Beijing Taiwan expressway, song Jianwei, a truck driver who travels to and from Qufu, Texas for many years, expressed his satisfaction with such a "driver's home" that can effectively solve the needs of truck drivers. In addition to providing more considerate services for truck drivers, "driver's home" can also be of great significance to the sustainable development of enterprises and the cost reduction and efficiency increase of the logistics industry. In Shandong Changxin logistics company, general manager Zhu Xinsheng told that since the enterprise set up a "driver's home" to provide free accommodation and leisure services for park drivers, more and more truck drivers choose to come to Changxin to undertake the supply of goods. The continuous supply of vehicles has enabled Changxin logistics park to deliver goods, effectively saving time, reducing logistics costs, and achieving a win-win situation that the annual production capacity of engineering resin between the park and driver alloy exceeds 500million pounds

Changjiang Cheng, Department of provincial transportation department, said at the promotion meeting that since the second half of 2016, Shandong provincial government has carried out the action of centralized regulation of polylactic acid electrospun fiber forming and structural transformation in highway service areas throughout the province, completed the reconstruction and upgrading of 144 pairs of high-speed service areas in use by the end of this year, and built 120 common national and provincial highway service areas at the same time. In the centralized rectification action of the service area, Shandong transportation department takes the construction of "driver's home" as an important content, innovates the way carrier, completes the combination of articles, plans, implements and constructs synchronously, which not only improves the comprehensive service function of the service area, but also effectively promotes the construction of "driver's home"

Jiang Cheng said that in the process of building a "driver's home", Shandong transportation departments adhere to the general needs of truck drivers as the guide, proceed from reality, do not engage in "one size fits all", do not seek "large and comprehensive", on the basis of improving the basic functions of parking, catering, rest, shower, laundry, maintenance, etc., combined with local regional characteristics, enhance theme projects and characteristic services, which not only meet material needs, It also pays attention to enriching the spiritual life. "In the next step, on the basis of consolidating and improving the pilot results, we will promote it in the backbone roads of the province as soon as possible. Through the construction of 'driver's home', we will better improve the ability level of the service industry and society, and promote the high-quality development of transportation." Jiang Cheng said

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