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The award-winning Basler dart bcon (Mipi based) development kit equipped with Qualcomm SOC

China industrial control industrial control information won the award and equipped with Qualcomm SOC's Basler dart bcon (Mipi based) development kit

the award-winning Basler dart bcon (Mipi based) development kit, equipped with powerful Qualcomm industrial processors, and high-temperature friction and wear testing machine has been officially put into mass production. Basler dart is equipped with Mipi interface, which can realize lean embedded vision system without affecting imaging quality, and further expand Basler's embedded vision solution technology product line

arensburg, June 11, 2019 camera manufacturer Basler further enriched its product line with camera modules and development kits equipped with bcon (Mipi based) interfaces. The dart bcon (Mipi based) development kit, an innovative product concept using Qualcomm's processor (Qualcomm apq8096sg), won the embedded award of the embedded vision group at the embedded world exhibition held in Nuremberg, Germany this year

bcon can delay the time of fire spread even if it is on fire (Mipi based) interface can combine complex and powerful Mipi technology with proven standards and convenient functions in the field of machine vision. This innovative application scheme adopts the powerful Qualcomm spectrum ISP, which can greatly reduce the overall processor load of the system, thus releasing more computing power for practical applications

basler can not only supply dart camera module based on on semiconductor ar0521 chip (5million pixel resolution, frame rate 60 FPS), but also provide appropriate driver software package to control chip and image acquisition through Mipi csi-2 interface, so that users can obtain durable industrial grade embedded vision system, which not only has excellent imaging quality, but also can easily realize integration

basler dart bcon (Mipi based) development kit is a modular system that can evaluate Basler dart bcon (Mipi based) camera modules and easily design them into embedded vision systems. Dart bcon (Mipi based) camera module adopts Qualcomm spectrum ISP based on Linux operating system (linaro)

gerrit Fischer, director of Management Department of Basler product marketing management ISRI, said: our goal is to create excellent embedded vision solutions for customers. Dart bcon (Mipi based) development kit this innovative product concept uses Qualcomm technologies' powerful processors to enable our customers to achieve lean systems without compromising imaging quality. This makes dart bcon (based on Mipi) a demanding embedded vision system and IOT application, which will make up for the blank of Zhejiang in high-end chemical new material products, systems, markets and so on

Jeffery Torrence, vice president of business development of Qualcomm technologies, said: embedded applications based on vision technology are a key area of IOT. With the increasing demand for space, cost and computing power, related applications also require the provision of the best innovative technologies. Qualcomm technologies is honored to work with Basler AG to support its award-winning embedded products

award winning Basler dart bcon (Mipi based) development kit

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