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Some related terms of ink (18)

letterpress rotary letter press ink is expensive for publication. It is suitable for letterpress rotary printing inks that print books and periodicals on absorbent paper

rotary letter press new sink

it is suitable for printing newspapers and periodicals on Web relief paper by relief rotary printing machine

letterpress color new ink rotary letter press color new sink

it is suitable for letterpress rotary printing machine to print color newspapers on letterpress web

copper plate printing ink

suitable for copper plate printing ink. The main machine of the wood-based panel scratch tester is mainly composed of a scale (1), a scale lifting mechanism (2), a rotary table (3), a frame (4), a weight (5), a scale radius adjusting mechanism (6), etc. SS printing ink for plastic films needs to be integrated and reorganized

ink suitable for printing plastic films on a platform relief printing machine

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