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ABB: some promises should be fulfilled in advance

] ABB recently released ABB's 2019 sustainable development report, which introduced the company's performance in important areas such as leading technology, negative operations and negative partnerships. Last year, abb achieved or exceeded more than half of the set sustainable development 2020 goals ahead of schedule

Fu Sai (Chairman of ABB Group): ABB has a clear commitment to society. We operate in a negative way, enabling customers to become cleaner, safer, more resilient, and reduce resource consumption. It is encouraging that we have achieved many set goals ahead of schedule and will achieve most of the remaining goals. Mr. robion, the new CEO of ABB group, will also put forward a series of updated grand goals for post 2020 sustainable development in the second half of this year

corporate society

won the 2020 ecovadis Platinum Award, Among the top 1% of all participating companies

sustainable development

FTSE4Good index series

ethibel sustainable development index excellent enterprise list

high dimensional accuracy "corporate knights" Global 100 index

Enterprise Jazz " Top 100 global sustainable development enterprises selected by the magazine advanced technology ABB products and solutions to improve ecological efficiency can help the smart city, industry and transportation system achieve sustainable development, mitigate climate change and protect non renewable resources, accounting for 57% of ABB's total revenue in 2019. By the end of 2020, the proportion is expected to further increase to 60%, including digital products and solutions for buildings, infrastructure, clean energy, transportation systems and energy efficiency, with a potential market size of up to $5trillion

taking Vietnam as an example, Saigon water company (sawaco) in Ho Chi Minh City adopted ABB capability Symphony plus data acquisition and monitoring system (SCADA), which reduced the water leakage rate from 30% to 10%; Other regions have adopted the abb ability digital transmission device, using digital technology to improve plant operations; ABB robotics and factory automation solutions help improve efficiency, reduce waste and reduce energy consumption. The report also lists more cases

in addition, abb continues to fulfill its commitment to promoting sustainable development by sponsoring the all electric vehicle event ABB International Automobile Federation electric formula championship. The partnership between the two sides goes beyond the event itself and will accelerate the development and application of intelligent electric vehicle solutions to jointly create a more sustainable future

negative operation

as a supporter of the 2015 Paris Agreement and the scientific carbon reduction initiative (SBT), abb has always been committed to mitigating global warming and mitigating the devastating consequences of climate change. Last year, ABB's greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 41% compared with 2013, achieving the set goal of reducing emissions by 40% in 2020 ahead of schedule

The long-term vision of abb is to achieve complete carbon neutrality. Last year, abb opened its first carbon neutralization plant in ludenshayd, Germany, showing the prospect of achieving sustainable industrial development. The plant is equipped with solar power stations and is developing towards energy self-sufficiency with the application of digital technology. At the same time, the yield strength of plastic may be less than the ultimate strength, which shows the powerful advantages of an intelligent and digitally controlled industrial ecosystem

in addition, the safety performance of ABB was further improved in 2019, and the industrial accident rate (trifr) decreased from 0.58 to 0.47 in the previous year, achieving the set goal of less than 0.7 in 2020 ahead of schedule. Regrettably, there was still an ABB employee and the joints of the oil pipes were tightened and sealed, and a contractor's personnel died in a work accident

negative partnership

last year, abb achieved or exceeded three of the four established goals of negative partnership in advance. Integrity is the cornerstone and pillar of ABB's business. With the further transformation and simplification of ABB's future operation and management mode, the principle of integrity will continue to be strengthened

The established goal of abb is to integrate full understanding and attention to human rights into all operations and daily businesses by the end of 2020. To achieve this goal, abb has taken a series of measures to improve its capabilities, identify risks, improve supplier performance, and reduce the risk exposure of conflict minerals regulations in the United States

embrace diversity

abb has been promoting equality and diversity projects. In order to realize the commitment to embrace difference (launched by the European entrepreneur Roundtable and signed in 2018), abb has included six of these focus areas in its 2019 plan, including multiculturalism, multicultural leadership, vision and goal setting, clarity, equal opportunities and social participation, as well as implementation

Abb is also a sponsor of the German Special Olympic Games. Up to this year, it has cooperated for 20 years. About 3000 ABB staff volunteers have taken advantage of their holidays to participate in and organize the biennial events

abb has also made some progress in achieving its diversification goals: in 2019, women accounted for 11.7% of ABB's senior managers, up from 10.5% in 2018 and 10% in 2017. ABB continues to promote women's education and career development in the fields of science, technology, and Mathematics (stem) in various ways, including the establishment of targeted scholarships and guidance programs in Hungary, India, Poland, Sweden and other countries

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